Inspiring people to live a healthy, focused and positive life.

About Positively Balanced



My name is Beth, I am a wife and mother of 3 energetic kids. I am a certified athletic trainer, certified Satori yoga instructor and life coach. Yoli nutritional distributor and committed to a life long journey of continued personal development. Through my individual and group coaching we will go through all areas of life and create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance incorporating Satori yoga techniques and goal setting. 

My mission


To build this amazing community of women who are here to  support, encourage, share, motivate, and inspire one another on this awesome, exciting yet sometimes totally overwhelming and crazy journey called life. I am committed to helping you clarify your goals, fulfill your potential and live your dream life. 

What we offer


Connect through personal coaching, group coaching, PB Life Balance workshops, monthly newsletters full of tips on health and wellness. Stay tuned for products to come. Contact me if you are interested in connecting and learning more. 

Blissful balance comes from within

Physical & Nutritional balance


Everything in the universe is energy. We thrive on a balance of energy. Positively Balanced health and life coaching will help you create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. My goals is for you to ind ways everyday to move, eat nutritious whole food, manage stress, sleep well and acknowledge our bodies as the vehicles of our soul.  

Mental clarity


We have on average 60,000 thoughts a day. You are 100% in control of your thoughts. Keep them positive and focused only on what you desire. What you focus on expands. Our workshops and health coaching will work to increase your mental energy through removing creative blocks and enhancing imagination and mental clarity.

Emotional connection


Emotions are the language of the soul. Emotions let you know when you are operating from love or fear. Learn about chakra balance and how are thoughts are connected to our physical health.

Spiritual alignment


Accept you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Being in alignment with your true inner being and intuition will always guide you down the right path. Pay attention. 

Social Engagement


Social engagement is critical to overall balance. What gifts you were born with and how do you share them with the world? Who are "your people."  Your vibe attracts your tribe. 

Energetically Thriving


Energetically thriving  happens when we nourish ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Freedom is when you are brave enough to live the life of you dreams. Fearlessly. 


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